Monday, December 24



- Throughout the first year of the Fenty administration, [new acting Attorney General Peter Nickles] had usurped the position and authority of the Attorney General; this week's coup simply formalized his takeover. Nickles was the architect of Fenty's E-mail deletion policy, the overseer of the District's policy on special education and the court case on the busing of special education students, the enabler of the District's policy not to respond to or to deny Freedom of Information requests, the designer of the policy to undermine the legal rights of DC government employees who are arbitrarily and capriciously fired; the supervisor of the unfavorable terms of DC's underwriting the sale of Greater Southeast Community Hospital, and so on.

WASH TIMES - A Capitol Hill family won a lawsuit against the D.C. government after their row house was raided in a search for evidence that their renovation plans violated the city's historic preservation laws. About a dozen police officers and D.C. Consumer and Regulatory Affairs inspectors searched the home of Laura Elkins and John Robbins four years ago, entering the bedrooms of their teenage children who were home sick from school, and searching through drawers, behind furniture and under carpets. The parents were raising and repairing the roof of their home. A neighbor's complaint that the renovation was out of character with the rest of the neighborhood led to the raid. Last week, Judge Rosemary M. Collyer, of the U.S. District for the District of Columbia, ruled that the raid was an "unreasonable search and seizure" that violated the family's constitutional rights to privacy. . . "It's crazy," Ms. Elkins said. "We had all of our permits. It was just a fishing expedition to intimidate us."

NEW HILL EAST - We just witnessed a large navy blue Ford pickup stop, a white male with short blond hair walk into our front yard and steal our green garden hose. judging by what is in the back of his pickup, he's going door to door and doing this. white male, close-cropped blond hair, Maryland plates. he actually looked like Emininem . . . We yelled out the window and asked what he was doing, but he proceeded to unscrew the hose, throw it in the back of his pickup and drive away.

THE BLADE ENDORSES the most conservative Democrat in the race - Hillary Clinton. From the editorial it is clear what they share with HRC: a love of OTOH BOTOH statements.

[OTOH BOTOH - On the one hand. . .but on the other hand]


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