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[With some help from the Control Board and Mayor Williams, of course. In sum, the city has destroyed its working public hospital and replaced it with a private one that can't even get accreditation to the tune of $79 million in loans and grants]

Greater Southeast Community Hospital had its national accreditation yanked because of the overwhelming problems that pushed the District facility close to collapse for much of this year. The accreditation decision is another blow to the hospital's standing in the community and staff morale but not a critical financial setback. Private insurers often refuse to pay for care in an unaccredited facility, but Greater Southeast has few patients with such health coverage. . .

In a statement, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) expressed his confidence in Greater Southeast's future. His administration backed the New England - based Specialty's purchase of the hospital and negotiated $79 million in public loans and grants to help finance major capital improvements and new technology there.


CHANNEL 8 - Area food banks are reporting severe shortages during this holiday season. Demand for free and discounted food is up, but donations have dropped dramatically. The Capital Area Food Bank is the region's primary distribution center. Officials there say the center had about 230,000 pounds of goods on its shelves this week, down from 570,000 pounds at this time last year. The shortage is hitting food banks and soup kitchens across the country. One factor is that federal supplies of excess farm goods have dropped. That's partly because of the summer drought and because farmers are selling more of their products internationally. Meanwhile, donations from grocery stores have fallen as supermarket chains consolidate, increase efficiency and tighten inventory controls.



TICKETS AND TABLES are still available for WPFW's 30th Anniversary Gala and Pacifica Peace and Justice Awards on Saturday, December 15 The event will feature performances by Miss Gloria Lynne, Sweet Honey in the Rock, and jazz legend Sonny Rollins and will honor singer and activist Harry Belafonte and many others. After three decades of community service and broadcasting the voice of workers to the metro Washington airwaves, WPFW is launching a building fund campaign to build a permanent home for a broadcast facility offering increased educational and training opportunities to people from all walks of life.


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