Thursday, June 14, 2007


IN A CULTURE OF IMPUNITY, rules serve the internal logic of the powerful rather than whatever values typically guide a country, such as those of its constitution, church or tradition. The culture of impunity encourages coups and cruelty, and at best practices only titular democracy. A culture of impunity varies from ordinary political corruption in that the latter represents deviance from the culture while the former becomes the culture. Such a culture does not announce itself.

In a culture of impunity, what replaces constitution, precedent, values, tradition, fairness, consensus, debate and all that sort of arcane stuff? Mainly greed. We find ourselves without heroism, without debate over right and wrong, with little but an endless narcissistic struggle by the powerful to get more money, more power, and more press than the next person. In the chase, anything goes and the only standard is whether you win, lose, or get caught. - Sam Smith


At June 14, 2007 3:28 PM, laughing said...

And if you looked at those Batista motherfuckers in south Florida you'd see a mirror image of the mafia , the State Dept. the Cia , the FBI and all that hoodlum maddog killer shit (which is how they falsely portray Black teenagers [comic book villains] and is in reality what the U.S. gov't and it's bosses really are.


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